UBU Design Form-mail Servlet Version 1.0 Installation

System requirement:
-A server with Java Servlet support.†
Since this product is a java-based Servlet you can install it on any operating system as long as the HTTP server that is running supports Java Servlets. An example of such server would be Apache Tomcat. If you donít know if your server has support for Servlets then check with your system administrator or your hosting service provider.


First download and register UBU Design Form-mail Servlet package from our ftp site if you havenít done so already at: ftp://ftp.ubudesign.com/pub/ubudesign/products/formmail.zip
After downloading unzip the file into a temporary folder. You should have the following directory structure. Then you can copy these files to your server.
Please read some of the notes in /conf/formmail.properties file for customizing and mapping location of files and folders.
Except for the html files all other files should be placed outside of your Document Root (/htdoc).
Also usually the /servlet folder is virtual and itís mapped to a directory /WEB-INF/classes on your server. In either case copy all of the files from /servlet to either of these folders. So you would have something like this on your server:
Locate your serverís web.xml file and add the following block nested within the <web-app> tag. This is for mapping a name to the UbuServlet class and to indicate the location of the property file (formmail.properties)
†††††† <servlet-name>ubuformmail</servlet-name>
†††††† <servlet-class> com.ubudesign.servlet.UbuServlet</servlet-class>
†††††† <init-param>
†††††††††††††† <param-name>properties</param-name>
††††††††††††††† <param-value>/conf/formmail.properties</param-value>
†††††† </init-param>
After adding this edit the property file /conf/formmail.properties to customize things and restart your server and test the sample_form.html
If you had any question please contact us at info@ubudesign.com