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UBU Design: Alliance
For clients

We have formed alliances with select design companies to add more value to the design and development of your site. Not only you need to have a high quality web application that integrates your business model from the back-end, connect to all your databases and handle the logic of the business objects, but you also need to represent your company's identity and visually communicate that to your clients. Essentially your web site needs to look good and have a brain.

For Designers and Developers

Design and programming are two completely different things. You need to be able to bring in both of them into one place and seamlessly integrate them. Your clients' web site needs to be more dynamic. They may need an application that manages their content and automatically updates content to the site. Or they may want to have part of their database's data be presented to their client in a logical manner or want to have their entire business process be done online.

By becoming our partner essentially we provide you with all of the programming, database, and back-end integration needs and you provide the visual concepts and develop client-side user interface design. This is regardless of whose client we're working on. In this collaboration we benefit and so will our clients.

Your Benefits
  • Spend more time on what you love to do, design.
  • Add more value to your existing services.
  • Receive full backend software and support.
  • Work with us on our projects.
  • Background experience of design in web and other UI media
  • Minimum of 2 years continusly and actively providing design services for clients
  • 3 samples of your completed work (Please do not include more than 3 of your best work)
  • General information about your company

Please send this information to info@ubudesign.com Once we review your information will contact you of our decision.