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UBU Design: Solutions
UBU Web Hosting

UBU Design's hosting is a full service, highly customizeable hosting service that includes not only all the basic server software that a web site needs but also includes everything that a developer expects for creating a web application.

The backbone of our hosting solution are powerful servers with multiple proccessors with fast and reliable network connection. That means faster service both on the server side as well as getting things to the clients.

Here are some of the basic features that are included. Of couse we can customize your server to meet your requirements. Sign up now!

  Features Basic Package
Bussiness Package
Advance Package
Managed Private Server
Apache HTTP server Yes Yes Yes Unlimmited
Anonymous FTP server Yes Yes Yes Unlimmited
Monthly bandwidth 500 MB 1GB 2 GB 10 GB
Disk space 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB 18 GB
Your own domain name Yes Yes Yes Unlimmited
Private cgi-bin Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes
PERL Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Log File Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail Accounts 1 5 10 Unlimmited
SMTP   Yes Yes Yes
PostgreSQL database   Yes Yes Yes
MySQL database   Yes Yes Yes
Java S2DK     Yes Yes
Javac Compiler     Yes Yes
Apache Tomcat JSP/Servlet     Yes Yes
JAI     Yes Yes
JavaMail     Yes Yes
JDBC Drivers     Yes Yes
CVS server     Yes Yes
Webdav server     Yes Yes
Telnet/SSH       Yes
Root Access       Yes
Daily Backup       Yes
Choice of Linux or Windows       Yes

Some add-on features:

    Monthly bandwidth: $10/GB per month
    Disk space: $15/GB per month
    Private IP addresses: $10/IP per month
    Extra mail account: $3/Account per month
    Private Tomcat/JVM $30 per month
    Secure Server HTTPS/SSL $10 per month. (Requires a private IP address, $200 setup fee plus any charges for the certificate).
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