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UBU Design: Solutions
Application design

Our main expertise is in Java and Enterprise Java application design. In fact any application server that meet the standard Java Server Technology can be used to port our application. We have ported applications running on Apache Tomcat, ATG Dynamo, and BEA WebLogic servers. Of course Apache at the top of our list since it is based on open source technology.

Application development cycle will include most of the following items. Each one will play a major role in creating the final product. As we develop your application we will share with you the results and keep you informed of the progress. We work closely with you, get feedback and make any required changes so that every peace can be integrated into a fully functional product.
  • Implementation of database design.
  • Server side application design.
  • Client site code and design.
  • Integration of server side code with client side code.
  • Setting up of Server(s), deployment, and testing.

Database Implementation

UBU Design has been specializing in customer database development to create Internet/Non-Internet Computing application systems.

The team at UBU Design can design database systems of varied sizes and we offer a diversity of database applications to fit your company's operations. We can help design and develop:
  • Oracle WebDB Application System - a complete solution for building, deploying and monitoring Web database applications with universal accessibility and cost reducing.

    • Forms - Build form-based access to tables or views
    • Reports - Build parameterized reports from tables and views
    • Charts - Build HTML-based charts from tables and views
    • Menus - Build menus of hypertext links
    • Frame Drivers - Build queries based on Lists of Values that drive the content of a frame.
    • Dynamic Pages - Build web pages with dynamic contents
    • Calendars - Build calendars display database data by date
    • Hierarchies - Parent-child relationship with drill-up and drill-down capabilities

Server-side Java and Enterprise Java Development

For backend we write code using Java, Java beans, Java Servlet standard, and other API's

Also for some cases we use EJB, and J2EE with:
  • Entity Beans, Statefull/Stateless Session Beans.
  • Servlets, API / Service Layer integration.
  • Container and Bean-Managed persistence.
  • Remote Interface development.
  • Transaction Handling.
  • Java Messaging Services.

Client-side Design and Code

Client-side user interface (UI) design involves many proccesses. We use industy standard tools and techqniqes. Some of these are:

  • HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript for web-based applications.
  • Java application and Applets. in cases of desktop application.
  • Visual Basic in rare cases.
  • many tools related to graphic design, aninations, and multi media in general.


Java Server Page (JSP) standard, our own home growen parser and in some cases xml.

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